5 Reasons All Nurses Should Wear Compression Socks

5 Reasons All Nurses Should Wear Compression Socks

Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system. Not only is it a tough job emotionally, but it physically takes its toll on your body. Nurses are required to be on their feet for extended periods at a time, with many nurses working 12-hour shifts at a time. 

Many nurses work straight through their shifts, often skipping meals, being unable to drink enough water, take a bathroom break, or even just sit down. While nurses care for others, it is not uncommon for them to forfeit their much-needed self-care. 

This can lead to burnout, emotional stress, and a number of health issues, particularly heart, leg, and circulatory issues, as well as uncomfortable swelling and pain. Compression socks for nurses can help alleviate the negative conditions associated with being on your feet for long periods of time and make working long shifts a lot more comfortable.

Here are five reasons to wear nurse compression socks during your long shifts at work and why every nurse should be wearing them underneath their stylish scrubs!

1. Compression Socks Help Combat Muscle Fatigue

A recent study found that “standing five hours a day contributes to significant and prolonged lower-limb muscle fatigue” with participants in the study showing “signs of muscle fatigue were observed for more than a half-hour after the standing period ended.”

With nurses working shifts lasting up to 12 hours, muscle fatigue in their lower extremities is a real concern and a big problem. Lactic acid builds up in your muscles after prolonged periods of standing. This is a result of a lack of oxygen reaching your muscles. When exercising, this is usually that burning sensation you feel in your muscles during an intense workout. 

This build-up of lactic acid is associated with muscle soreness, fatigue, and in severe cases, even tissue damage. Wearing high-quality graduated compression socks for nurses stimulates circulation and increases oxygen-rich blood flow to your legs, decreasing the levels of lactic acid in the muscles of your lower extremities. 

As a result, wearing compression socks during your shift will help you combat muscle fatigue and lessen the discomfort and soreness you feel after your shift is over. 

2. Wearing Nurse Compression Socks Reduces Swelling

Standing for extended periods of time causes blood to pool in your lower legs, ankles, and feet. This is the cause of a lot of swelling and pain experienced by nurses after hours of being on their feet. 

This swelling or edema is the result of gravity pulling fluids, such as water and blood down into the lower parts of your legs, ankles, and feet. This swelling can be painful, uncomfortable, and result in tight skin and increased pressure from your shoes. 

Compression socks have long been used by nurses on their patients to treat and prevent swelling in the lower extremities. But the truth is, nurses can also reap the benefits of graduated compression therapy. Wearing compression socks while working as a nurse helps to force blood and fluids back up into the body where they can be properly circulated or processed through the liver and kidneys. 

Pear’s advanced compression technology provides stretch where needed, while gradually compressing the foot and leg so that it’s never too tight in one specific area. Our graduated compression socks are tightest around the ankle and foot, where most of the fluid that causes swelling settles. 

3. Compression Socks Can Prevent Varicose Veins

Compression therapy has been proven to reduce the risk of developing varicose veins when worn on a regular basis, particularly by those with the most risk of developing them. 

Varicose veins form as a result of blood pooling in your veins. Because nurses are on their feet for such long periods of time, swelling is one of the most common problems they face in the short term. However, the pooling of blood can cause your veins to become enlarged and “bulge”.

Varicose veins can be uncomfortable and in some cases lead to blood clots and inflammation of your veins. By increasing circulation and improving blood flow to and from your legs, wearing compression socks can help you avoid these problems altogether. 

4. Compression Socks Promote Good Blood Circulation

The effects of poor blood circulation include cold legs and feet, numbness, tingling sensations, and fatigue. Nurses and other healthcare providers who stand for long periods of time often struggle with the effects of poor circulation in their lower extremities. 

Left untreated poor circulation can lead to long-term health conditions such as blood clots, skin ulcers, chronic fatigue, swelling, and more. Wearing compression socks for nurses regularly keeps your blood circulating properly through your lower extremities and helps deliver fresh oxygenated blood into your legs and feet to keep your legs feeling energized and the muscles and tissues healthy. 

Nurse compression socks can also be worn after your shift to continue aiding your body in blood circulation and assisting with muscle recovery and repair. 

5. Compression Socks Are Available In Premium Fabrics and Stylish Patterns

Even if your dress code doesn’t allow you to wear cute, stylish scrubs, most dress codes will not put limitations on your socks. At Pear Compression, An abundance of care went into the making of Pear compression socks. Every aspect of the design process was carried out with comfort, function, and style in mind. 

Pear compression socks come in a variety of aesthetic tones and pattern options so you can look as great as you feel. Our high-quality, Italian-made graduated compression socks help you add a bit of personality to your scrubs to help you boost your mood and your confidence while also caring for your leg and vascular health. 

Pear compression socks are made from materials that are certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex®. This means that our materials are verified to be free from AZO dyes, formaldehyde, phthalates, and many other chemicals that are known to be carcinogenic or otherwise harmful.

Our seamless socks are easy to pull on and off, and comfortable enough to wear all day. Our team has worked hard to design a premium compression sock using quality materials and Italian manufacturing. Our seamless 360-degree technology and graduated compression reduce swelling, improve circulation, and increase energy for gentle yet effective support.

At Pear Compression, we are so grateful for all of the nurses and healthcare workers that provide us and our families with care every day. We are committed to helping you take care of yourself, and feel your best, one Pear at a time!

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