Our Story

Helping women feel their best, one Pear at a time.

At Pear, our mission is to help women feel their best. How do we do that? Help make healthy routines and practices an exciting part of your daily life! When compression wear is cute & comfortable, it becomes a more desirable addition to any routine. Inspired by maternity and the fact that there were very few quality, comfortable, or flattering compression socks available to women going through pregnancy or postpartum, Pear designed their very own Italian-made compression socks! Upon also recognizing the many benefits that Pear compression socks can offer to other women as well helped us define our mission of wanting to bring health and wellness through cute & comfortable compression socks to all women! Wear Pear compression socks during pregnancy and postpartum, for daily comfort and relief during recovery, travel, and work, and to prevent and minimize symptoms associated with edema, DVT, and varicose veins.

Who We Are

Women Helping Women

Meet Emily - a co-founder and the CEO of Pear Compression. Compassionate and creative are two great ways to describe Emily. Throughout her life, she has been committed to helping others through volunteer experiences and not-for-profit organizations. She is a true visionary with a fiery passion for all things design. Emily has helped bring Pear to life and is involved in every aspect of the business; from the vision, design, marketing, partnerships, customer service... the list goes on. Being the young female entrepreneur that she is, her passion for Pear stems not only from the creation of beautiful and comfortable compression socks, but from Pear's long-term mission of helping women feel their best from the inside out through innovation, community, and constant support.

Our Products

Thoughtfully designed and ethically made with safe materials and manufacturers from Italy.

Every aspect of the design and manufacturing process was carried out with comfort, function, and style in mind. Advanced compression technology and materials from ethically sourced Italian-manufacturers ensures Pear compression socks are of the highest quality and produced with respect and compliance to corporate social responsibility guidelines. Pear compression socks are made from materials that are certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex®, meaning our materials are verified to be free chemicals and materials known to be toxic or otherwise harmful.

Pear Cares

Providing you with helpful resources and access to a community of caring women all over the world. 

With a mission of helping women feel their best, and recognizing the value that human connection and support adds to this, our goal at Pear is to help provide women with helpful resources for pregnancy, postpartum, parenting, and other useful subjects involving women's health in general. Over time, we hope to grow our online community and presence through our blog and social platforms to help provide women with access to a community of other women whom they may connect with and support one another. As our company grows, our hope is to be able to support women-centred initiatives that focus on improving access to healthcare, as well as to help provide financial and emotional relief to women and families in need.