Compression socks that you actually want to wear.



Italian-made compression socks to support you through every step of your journey.



Combating inflammation & promoting better circulation, one Pear at a time.



These socks are what I’ve been looking for for years. Soft fabric, stays put and so incredibly cute. I ordered 2 pairs and they came in this super cute box which looked like a gift. I would absolutely buy again.


So comfy and soft! And I don't feel itchy after working 13 hours shift. I am currently 18 weeks pregnant so, I really need these socks!


Affordable, soft, cute compression socks. Great customer service. Nice to have Canadian company and it’s reasonably priced. Will definitely be ordering more.


I've purchased two pairs of these beautiful compression socks during pregnancy, I've been fortunate enough to not experience much swelling but I know postpartum these will be a life saver!


These socks are awesome. I am at 34 weeks pregnant and the function, feel, and style have really impressed me. This will for sure be a staple recommendation for my pregnant patients and athletes!

Dr. Kokes

These compression stockings have been great through my pregnancy, and I’ve been wearing them to work as I’m on my feet for long hours as a nurse. Highly recommend!


I absolutely love my Pear Socks. They are amazing. I had sore ankles from running and training for 10K marathon run and started wearing these socks when running as well as during the day. My pain is gone and I completed the 10K without any soreness. I feel great. I will be wearing compressions socks for overall health heading into my senior years.


Very happy with the product purchased 😍 the socks are very stylish I love the pink colour and the comfort provided is just superb! They are made out of high quality material as my skin is not getting itchy like other compression socks.. highly recommended!!! Easy to hand wash!


This is my first time wearing compression socks so I really didn’t know what to expect but have found they make a big difference when I am sitting at my desk all day. Normally by the end of the day my calves were swollen and tight but when I wear my socks they feel rested and … well normal I guess is the easiest way to say it. These socks are cosy and comfortable to wear.


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