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The Body Paddle

The Body Paddle

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  • Natural Resin
    • Follow diagram for directions
    • Use the long edge to gently massage your body to aid in blood and lymph flow
    • Use in shower or with your favourite oil 2-3 times a week or as you desire
    • Improves Circulation & Lymph Flow
    • Reduces Swelling & Inflammation
    • Promotes Better Energy
    • Improves Overall Wellness
    • Pear Compression does not offer medical advice
    • This product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent illness
    How to Use
    • Prepare by gently pumping lymph nodes

    • Use the long edge to gently massage each body part for 20-30 seconds

    • Starting at your ankles, begin gently stroking towards your knee 

    • Repeat from your knee towards your groin

    • Repeat from your wrist towards your elbow & armpit

    • Repeat from your jaw and chin towards your collarbone

    • Repeat from your chest upwards & outwards towards your ribs

    • Repeat from your from your ribs towards your abdomen & kidneys

    • Drink plenty of water to allow your body to excrete toxins & wastes 
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