What is the Lymphatic System?

Lymph is a fluid that essentially cleans our tissues and organs by ridding them of toxins and replenishing them with nutrients.

Moreover, the lymphatic system is vital to our immunity as it plays an essential role in providing
immune responses to harmful micro-organisms and pathogens.

Since our lymphatic system doesn't have a central pump like our heart, it is primarily moved through use of our muscles.

What is the Big Deal?

A central issue in the proper functioning of our lymphatic system arises when lymph does not continuously move through the body. Aside from Lymphedema- a medical condition in which lymph fluid builds up in the body, causing severe swelling- milder stagnation can occur in anyone as a result of common factors. Issues such as stress, compromised sleep, lack of movement, poor diet/ digestion, dehydration, infection, environmental toxins and even emotional trauma all have the capacity to lower our body’s ability to move lymph.

How Could This Affect Me?

There are several symptoms that can be felt by poor lymph circulation, varying from feeling tired or experiencing brain fog, having poor gut health, or experiencing gastrointestinal pain or cramping.

Don't Worry, You Can Take Action

Fortunately, there are many ways to improve your body's lymphatic system, and one of the most effortless ways happens to be wearing compression socks on a regular basis.

Compression applies force on the muscles, which then pushes lymph through the system and away from the lower legs. With regular use of compression socks, lymphatic flow toward the torso increases, and chronic issues start to become mitigated. Compression socks can be paired with other drainage methods to increase overall efficacy. Wearing compression socks when walking or exercising, for example, is a great way to provide an added boost of lymphatic support.

Moreover, compression socks are a simple way to be proactive against stagnation when engaging in activities that are likely to cause inflammation and swelling such as flying and working long shifts on your feet.

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