Gravity Works Against Your Flow

When you are exercising and exerting yourself physically, your heart rate will likely speed up in its effort to pump freshly oxygenated blood into your arteries more frequently. This is because, as you physically exert your body, oxygen and other nutrients from your blood is required at the muscular and cellular level to help your body perform movements. Getting the blood and oxygen to your limbs is one of the easier tasks for your heart. However, getting that blood back towards your heart to replenish with new oxygen is more difficult. You can thank gravity for that!

The further the blood is away from the heart, the more difficult it is to replenish. Thankfully, your muscles also act as a pump during exercise to help replenish your blood more efficiently. However, this means your muscles are working even harder as they try to perform your exercise and send blood back to the heart.

Replenish Your Muscles With the Aid of Compression Socks

Research has shown that wearing compression socks during your performance can assist your muscles in the replenishing process. This results in less damage to the muscles, and less inflammation after exercise.

Recover More Efficiently 

Now that you know that compression socks can help your muscles replenish blood more efficiently, it may appear obvious to you how this could help with your recovery.

By improving your circulation and easing some stress from your muscles during and after exercise, your body is able to recover more quickly. The added boost in circulation from your compression socks helps mitigate & relieve any lingering symptoms from lactic acid build-up, muscle cramps and aches, and inflammation. Wearing Pear compression socks during today's workout will make tackling tomorrows workout a little easier.

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