What is Edema?

Simply put, edema is another term for swelling, which occurs when excess fluid gets trapped in the body tissues. This fluid may be the result of injuries, or it may be a side effect of pregnancy, lack of movement, or poor blood circulation.

More serious causes of edema include complications related to diabetes, varicose veins, deep vein blood clots, and other medical conditions.

How Do Compression Socks Help?

Pear compression socks can help treat the symptoms associated with edema by applying gentle pressure on your veins to help generate more blood flow and improve your circulation.

In turn, this will help decrease fluid retention in the legs and feet by encouraging a healthy and natural flow of blood from the feet towards your heart.

Compounding Effect

Pear compression socks will also help relieve any pain caused by the excess fluid. This relief may also help you be able to move more easily, and as a result, will further improve circulation and reduce inflammation.

For best results, you should put on your Pear compression socks as soon as you wake up, after lying flat all night. This way, your legs will be less swollen and it will be easier to get the socks on. You can wear your compression socks all day, but should remove them before bed so you don't restrict any circulation while your legs are at heart level.

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