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Improving Circulation & Overall Wellness

Maximizing Wellness by Increasing Circulation

Increasing circulation in daily routines will benefit your mind and body in so many positive ways. The human heart pumps approximately five quarts of blood throughout your body every 60 seconds! Healthy blood flow throughout your body can ensure optimal organ functioning, efficient healing, reduced inflammation, and an overall improvement in your energy levels and mood.

We have come up with a few suggestions for boosting your circulation as a daily practice.

Elevating your legs

Such a simple task that we can do almost anywhere. Whether you prop pillows under your legs while you watch Netflix at home; rest your legs against a wall on your lunch break; or use a chair or ottoman to elevate your legs while doing breath work; achieving a boost in energy and blood flow is easier than you think!

Most of us sit for extended periods of time during the day without realizing it. Prolonged sitting and standing can cause blood pooling in the legs and ankles, which can cause restlessness, cramping, swelling and fatigue. By elevating your legs for just a few minutes a day can relieve these symptoms and strengthen your circulation. Your body and mind will thank you! 

Drinking more H2O

Dehydration is one of the most preventable medical conditions in the world. Water helps to support a variety of bodily functions ultimately by improving circulation and lymph flow. Proper hydration protects organs and tissues from toxins and wastes, prevents electrolyte imbalance, and supports digestion. By drinking more water throughout the day, you will notice an increase your energy levels, mood, and brain function. Keeping a water bottle handy throughout the day will remind you to stay hydrated at all times and set you up for success when it comes to feeling your best all day long! 

Yoga/ Meditation 

Yoga is a low impact exercise that can help lower blood pressure and stress levels. There are a variety of movements and stretches that can help improve your circulation, such as a forward fold, deep stomach breathing, and child’s pose. These exercises help improve oxygen-rich blood flow towards your core and extremities and enhance the oxygen-replenishing process from your heart. There are several resources available for accessing short, guided yoga and meditation videos so that even those with the busiest of schedules can fit it into their schedules. Apps like Calm, Insight Timer and Headspace are all free and accessible apps that help you take a few minutes throughout your day to improve your circulation and manage stress symptoms.  

Compression Socks

Compression socks are a seamless way to improve your circulation on a regular basis. Pear Compression socks help stimulate blood and lymph flow by adding pressure to the veins and muscles in the lower extremities. The added pressure provides a boost to the mechanics involved in moving blood and lymph from your lower legs towards your heart and core. This helps make the entire circulation process more efficient and ultimately leads to less strain on your veins, which can help prevent a variety of venous conditions in the future.

Since our mission is to help women feel their best from the inside-out, Pear Compression is dedicated to providing women with compression sock styles that they will actually want to wear. Pear Compression offers a variety of versatile, chic styles that are perfect for your daily wardrobe needs – helping you add comfort and support to all your activities from morning to night. The female-founded and operated brand has partnered with an Italian manufacture to provide women with a premium compression sock to help combat inflammation and promote better circulation without sacrificing comfort or style. Wear your wellness with Pear Compression!

By incorporating at least one or all these suggestions into your daily routines on a regular basis, you should notice an improvement in your circulation, and ultimately experience more energy, an improved mood, and more clarity in thought. 

We hope to see you on your lunch break drinking water, elevating your legs, meditating with your Pear compression socks on!

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