The Perfect Pear. Based out of Halifax and Vancouver, Pear is an exciting new company specializing in maternity compression socks. After two years in the making, we launched our first line of maternity compression socks in July, 2021. We were inspired to create our product line when researching compression socks for a family member who was expecting at the time. We noticed that every compression sock on the market was designed for either geriatric, athletic, or labour purposes. It was nearly impossible to find a compression sock that was designed and optimized for maternity, not to mention one that was flattering and comfortable to wear. This recognition led us to create our mission of helping women feel their best during their pregnancy journey, one Pear at a time.


Thoughtful Design. An abundance of care went into the making of Pear compression socks. Every aspect of the design process was carried out with comfort, function, and style in mind. Our socks are intended for you to wear throughout your day-to-day activities and have been carefully crafted for versatility. Meaning you can wear them with any outfit and on any occasion! Pear’s advanced compression technology provides stretch where needed, while gradually compressing the foot and leg so that it’s never too tight in one specific area. Exterior seams also make sure that no circulation is cut-off near the toes. Your Pear compression socks have been customized to provide the most even, wearable compression.

100% Made in Italy. Renowned for their uncompromising quality and attention to detail, we are proud to say that Pear compression socks are crafted from start-to-finish in the Italian city of Brescia. The quality and design of Pear compression socks can not be matched. The use of highly specialized textile machinery dedicated solely to compression socks, and the in-house production of sustainable and recyclable fibers ensures that every aspect of Pear compression socks have been carefully crafted and cared for the Italian way.

Safe Materials. Pear compression socks are made from materials that are certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex®. This means that our materials are verified to be free from AZO dyes, formaldehyde, phthalates and many other chemicals known to be carcinogenic or otherwise harmful.

Corporate Social Responsibility. Pear has partnered with ethically responsible manufacturers and suppliers. Compliance with corporate social responsibility is a critical standard for all our partners. Together, we have ensured safe and fair working conditions for everyone who contributes to the production of our product.


Pear cares. At Pear, we want to support our community physically, mentally, and financially. Our objective is to donate a portion of our sales to women and families in need each month. We value organizations that are important to our customers, so we ask that you provide recommendations for trusted, women- centred initiatives that need our help. If you would like to share information regarding non profits and charities we should contribute to, please email with the subject line "CARING COMMUNITY" and include the name and a brief description of the organization that you would like us to consider.



Why compression works. According to health professionals, during pregnancy the uterus causes increased pressure on your veins, consequently reducing blood circulation throughout the body. This reduction of blood circulation can cause inflammation, resulting in a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. Some of the benefits of wearing Pear compression socks throughout your pregnancy are reduced pain and swelling, increased energy, and the prevention of varicose veins.

Comfortable, high quality, and cute. Pear compression socks are your new best friend during pregnancy. There is nothing worse than fighting with your compression socks just to get them on, only to feel irritated and bothered while wearing them. Our seamless socks are easy to pull on and off, and comfortable enough to wear all day. Our team has worked hard to design a premium maternity compression sock using quality materials and Italian manufacturing. Seamless 360 degree technology and graduated compression reduce swelling, improve circulation, and increase energy for gentle yet effective support. Pear compression socks also come in a variety of aesthetic tones and pattern options so you can look as great as you feel. 

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We stand by our product and your wellbeing. If you are not happy with your Pear compression socks we will send you a refund.

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